Assignment 3I 5:30-7:00pm

Group Role play or Report with visual aids

Make use of the time to research in the library and practice for tomorrows presentation. Email your answers tonight before 9pm email ad:


Creativity 5 , Delivery/Performance 10, Teamwork 5 = 20pts.

Group 1 Rizal’s School days in Binan
1. What type of education was shown?
2. How did Rizal behaved in school?
3. What lesson has Rizal learned in Binan?
4. Which of these events is worth remembering for young Filipinos?

Group 2 Topic: Injustices to Hero’s Mother and The Martyrdom of GOMBURZA
1. What injustices has Rizal experienced?
2. How has this afffected Rizal?
3. What does it say/reflect about the justice system at that time?
4. How would you describe the Philippine justice system at present?
5. Cite concrete examples to support your explanation.
Bansuan,Alag,Estoque,Coquilla,Gilaro,Jadena,Geraspusco,Benaning,Deniega,Dela torre,Bucayan,Dela Cruz

Group 3: Topic:Rizal in ATENEO
1. How would you described the education offered by Ateneo ? Courses, etc…
2. Which of these has great impact to Rizal?
3. At present, what courses were offered to Filipino students?
4. What does it refelct aout the Philippine educational system?
5. If you were curriculum designers, what type of education would you offer to Filipino students?


Group 4 Topic:Rizal’s Poem in Education
” Through Education our Motherland Receives Light” / The Intimate alliance Between Religion
Recite the Poem in Class Creatively then explain or interpret the poem

Delos Santos,Gonzaga,DE Dios,Apinan,Jorolan,Bais,Herbito,Sembrano


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