FINALS Group Task – 25 points of the exam

Right after the Midterm Examination, each  group will be assigned to discuss/ present/ lead the class in a learning activity  on the following topics:

( For 3A  3D – Sept. 8/9     for     3I and 3J  September 12/13  )

Group 1:  ( refer to  Zaide – Rizal Life,Works and Writings)

Chapter 10 – Rizal’s Tour of Europe with Viola 1887

Chapter 11 – Back to Calamba

Chapter 12 – Rizal in Hongkong, Macao and Japan

Chapter 13 – Rizal in Japan

Group 2:

Chapter 14 – Rizal in America

Chapter 15 – Life and Works in London

Chapter 16 – Rizal in Gay Paris

Chapter 17 – Rizal in Brussels

Group 3:

Chapter 18 – Rizal in Madrid

Chapter 19 – El Filibusterismo

Chapter 20 – Rizal in Hong Kong

Group 4 :

Chapter 21 -Exile in Dapitan

Chapter 22 – Trial of Rizal

Chapter 23 – Martyrdom at Bagumbayan

Guidelines for the Activity:

– Each Group will be given 2 meetings to present their topic after which a quiz or evaluation will be given

– utilize active, creative and multiple forms of presenting the topic; example group discussion, roleplay, game, panel, debate, mock court trial , news casting etc..

-Link the topic to current issues


TEAMWORK ( member participation)







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